“Wax-eared”, a poem

I go forward wax-eared to siren cries
tediously side-stepping roving packs of lies
To survive the witch and demon taunts
unscathed through the journey my only want
Makes my heart tremble and courage quiver 
to realize my tether is only a sliver
I search and blunder though treasure is rare
as I timeline travel this samsara we share
Obscure and obfuscate the ghouls entreat
stealing the hearty leaving the sweet
They hide the flavor by feeding us faster
great zeal for the work of their master
The innocence and blind courage of truth
is fast reasoned away by the singing of Truth
Questions find answers and answers build walls
seem it's becoming all corridors and halls
Meticulously reasoned effect from cause
creates an overlay to nature's own laws
This surreal moire, a design of it's own
presented as fabric from Peter's high throne
is to tough a weave for an angel's adorn
So I brave the cold in the suit I was born