“To My Family” a poem

To my family, my friends, my woman, our farm
Know in your hearts I’m free from harm
Too true I can’t be with you there
Yet on this day our thoughts we share
Our lives entwined will always be
The time we’ve shared is dear to me
And in this life,  so fast yet long
It’s not far ‘til we pass the bong
They say, as age does stretch the tether
We’ll have less time to spend together
But still I hope we take the time
Each year for our spirits to climb
Singing, dancing around the fire
Climbing up to heaven and higher
Stages of life we’ve shared a few
And once a year we should renew
The bond we’ve formed, the bond we share
And howl in bliss into the air
So pass the Jack and hoist it high
As you revel under the sky
Now Mark, Skyboy, and Uncle Chuck
Bernie and Cas and Marlin with luck
Richie and Joc, Gordo at the grill
Swannie and Beth—holding water still?
Cool Cousin Colin and Brother James
I hope Pauly Paul doesn’t fall in the flames
Behroush, Janice and Little Saffron
Big Daddy Kane, how the list goes on
Janine and Trish and Sweetie Makai
Somebody sing a lullaby
The star of the county, love of my life
The lass Colleen who I’ll make my wife
Janine and Clayton; did they come this year?
What about Matt and his busy career?
And everyone else in spirit and body
Who made it out to our little musical party
Until ’06 I say hello
When we’ll dance all night to the fiddle and banjo