“Ere our first meeting” a poem

Ere our first meeting I found myself sated,
an eye seeking form, roving and dilated
All the world's pleasures at my beck and well plated,
yet one glimpse of you and all becomes over-rated
Hollow were the days in guilded bowers,
empty the long quest to dark forbidding towers
Feel for them my sweet, for they've had their hour,
for now all is naught, unless under your power
What lover of beauty could be remiss,
to spend even an hour away from your bliss
Jealous of the light caressing your face,
the lingering shadows and their intimate embrace
I long to dance like the wind in your tress,
tickling your ears as I wordlessly profess,
all that sentences leave hopelessly wanting, 
may I indulge or is it just nature's taunting
And don't for a second think sight my only sense,
towards taste and intellect I show strong defernce
The enticement is always the package complete
and for me sister your love turns up the heat