“Who Am I Really” a poem

Who am I really?
Flesh and bone with a face?
Am I what others think I am?
What do they think?
I am where I have been, who I've met,
I am what I've done and said,
I am my parents joy and fear, 
I walk, breathe, dance, talk, laugh-
as so many others do
Am I them? Are they me?
I sense the world, I respond,
Thoughts form in my head - Who am I really?
The thoughts I carry? The body that parts the air?
Who is the person neighbors greet,
the person that kisses my love's morning face?
Is there a word, a sentence, book or library
that can say who I am?
I am a brother, a son, an employee, a boss, dancer,
singer, writer, musician, friend, lover...
More than a business card, who am I really?