“Symphony of the Seasons” a poem

Verdant blarings of brass alight,
on melting wings in Spring's delight;
cracking the slumber with trumpets gold,
shattering the grip of Winter's hold.
Awaken! Come forth! Pop up your heads
all you flowers asleep in your beds

Come now with the majesty of strings,
Summer will consummate whatever Spring brings;
Contra bass rumble of summer storm,
settles on shapes of life's full form;
Greening, growing, richly flowing,
puntal cellos madly bowing.

Bring forth the percussion, make the brass mellow,
change the world to red and yellow;
fill out the bottom, slow the pace,
summer greens turn to Autumn's face;
Hypnotize the land, call on Sleep,
gather all that is ready to reap.

Now the woodwinds will do their pleasure,
under the snows will lie the treasure;
Long night wailing, fife and drum sound,
all the glory hides below ground;
roasting, toasting around the fire,
waiting for Spring when snow angels retire