“When Was Peace-time?” a poem

Was there day
    a minute
        a second
which passed without bloodshed

Certainly not a decade 
    a lifetime
         or century 
passed without unthinkable acts

I have heard of peace-time, but when was it?
After the war to end all wars?
Some lives have known peace, but not so our creations
Has a minute has passed without deadly munitions
Has a day has passed without butchery
a year passed without killing for the best of reasons?

The rare Christmas truce not-withstanding 
Many battles have been fought on that day
And what of Nowhruz, Hanukkah, Hajra and more
Those days have passed with dead by the score
Soldiers are valiant and colors bright
Heated discourse lead to a fight
What of the children, too young to know
Why the battles rage leaving blood to flow?

Tell me 
Was there day
     a minute
         a second
I need to know