“Never Learned His Name” a poem

On a walk I met a special man,
   talked together as well as two souls can
With one mind we shared our words today,
   just to confirm there was nothing to say
He came from a far and distant place,
   It was easily read on the skin of his face
Renewed my trust, renewed my faith,
   we spoke of life and felt no haste
Crazy how we thought so much the same,
   and to think, I never learned his name

He wanted to help, saw troubles plain,
   spoke of others without disdain
He understood feelings can be strong,
   but couldn't we all just get along
He'd learned the lesson, learned it well,
   and wanted only the truth to tell
No wonder I tried to meet his pace,
   his heart was true and in the right place
Patient and kind, and strong of frame,
   and to think I never learned his name