“If Only” a poem

It always seems hard 
    a task out of hand
To keep spirits high
    our moods in command

With the passing of time 
    webs are twisted thick 
Secrets are revealed 
    we learn weakness quick

Using what we find
    we paint the world black
To defend our pride 
    we go on attack

Our senses are sharp 
    imagining flaws
Fighting like devils
    forgetting the cause

Meticulous notes 
    referred to with flair
Words not to bolster 
    or nurture with care

We tally up flaws 
    like diligent elves
Pillow talk weaponized 
    protecting ourselves

From imagined slights
    or pricks of our fears
We create demons 
    that grow through the years

If only we could 
    be cleaned slate each day
Simply be present
    love lighting the way

A smile for the world
    as strangers would tend
When met in good times
    nothing to defend