“Troublemaker” a poem

When it comes that I should see
A face gazing not so merrily
I am taunted, temped, intrigued
And feel myself immediately in league
With mighty tenacious cherubim    
Who feel it's a job given to them
To muster an elevation of spirit
Whatever feat might achieve it
Not content to let a single frown
Hold it’s shape so upside down
Casting spells and sprinkling glitter
Never to let a heart go bitter
Fools or faeries or sage in disguise
They apply their merry arts as applies
Never willing to take leave of the space    
Whilst there lingers an unhappy face

One such time it happened to be 
I found myself at the grocery
Filling the basket and minding my own
Trouble was brewing, I should have known
As whenever one thinks things are just so
Something fails and down comes the show
One of those moments was hovering now
To think it all happened because of a cow
It wasn’t her day, it was easy to tell
As polite as I can she looked like hell
Three kids running wild, not on her hem
Her scolds unheeded by all of them
One running to, another skipping fro
The third’s legs just learning to go
The milk didn’t make it into the cart
Somehow it was open and flew to my heart

I was prepared, had kids of myself
Knew they weren’t idle things on a shelf
Out to the car to change my shirt
Freshened up it was over, nothing was hurt
But as I passed them in aisle six
They were still up to their tricks
In her eyes it was plain to see
She offered sincere apology
Appearing overwhelmed in aisle nine
It was clearly a juncture for me to shine
I waited patiently for the moment to dawn
To help socializing her fearless spawn
Roaring to scare, such was my help
back to mommy with a whimpering yelp
They stayed close the rest of the time
From mom came a smile and thank you in mime