Born in 1966 Sean’s involvement in music soon followed. Starting to play the banjo at age 5, he quickly became an active participant in his family’s traditional music scene. Whether in family life, social occasions or holidays the focus was always centered around music. Public performance began at age 8 with the family band, Generation Gap performing at ice cream parlors and church and town gatherings. This created a solid background in performance which he began hurling at rock audiences beginning in his teens.

Sean began writing songs for “Generation Gap” before the age of ten. The devotion and attention to songwriting has led to over 1000 songs in many different genres. Politics, creativity, love, family relations and just telling a good story have inspired a relationship with the art of writing and an ease with the insanity that is creativity which has matured over the years.

Sean also has been the major driving force behind many of the projects he has been involved with. This comes from a strong personal drive that has spilled out of music and led him to various entrepreneurial ventures. His first was Reasonable Resources which marketed recycled products to business in the mid to late 1980s. At that time few businesses were willing to pay more for stationary or office supplies merely because it was recycled. Looking for a way to convince businesses to take on social responsibility long before the concept was a buzz word, Sean realized that by cutting the costs involved in the graphic design of the products he could match the price of non-recycled products. It was the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution and Reasonable Resources made the investment in the latest technology in hi-res graphic output at a fraction of the cost of existing businesses. This was a time when most layout was still done by hand with elements output by expensive Linotype machines. Graphic design and layout quickly became the breadwinner of the business when the market crash of the late 80s forced businesses to look for less expensive solutions. An example of the disarray of the industry is when one customer retrieved their artwork for a quarterly newsletter and caught Sean in a towel just out of the shower. As the print-ready artwork was handed over the customer commented that Sean was the most professional person they had ever worked with.

In 1992 Sean walked by an empty restaurant space near his home and decided to call the number in the window. Having worked summer jobs and nights during high school (including The Odeon) he felt he had some understanding of how the restaurant business works. “Good food, clean bathrooms and a comfortable social atmosphere” was the motto. Together with a friend from High School who managed a neighborhood restaurant Grove was opened to strong reviews in the NY Times and other publications. It was a local hit and soon was attracting customers from all over the metro area and tourists from around the world.

Production is another area where Sean’s commitment and hard work over the years has paid off. Having had the opportunity to learn  from extremely talented people he has learned the necessary skills to become a confident producer on his own. Having his own 32 track digital recording facility allows Sean to not only know all the gear in the studio inside and out, but more importantly, to control the all important “vibe” of a session. To create an environment where Sean could combine his musical talents he built The Artfarm (Accord Research Team for Adult Recreational Motivation). Rescuing a decaying barn and renovating it with green technologies and all the comforts of a modern recording studio, he and a few friends created a temple for the exploration of creativity. Besides music, the location has also been used for photo shoots and numerous events and festivals.

In 2005, Sean was asked by an old friend that had worked with Sean’s touring band to join his promotion company, Fanatic Promotion. A successful promotion company, the business infrastructure was not clearly defined and Sean applied his management skills to move the company towards responsible financial management, a formal HR department, and streamlined operations. Once on solid footing, the Fanatic team realized they could play a larger role in the entertainment industry and started visualizing what sort of organization would satisfy the needs of the new millennium. Fanatic Records launched with the attention of industry publications and heavyweights based on the reputation of Fanatic Promotion and the forward thinking of the business plan.

Beginning in 1998 Sean began building Artfarm (Accord Research Team For Adult Recreational Motivation) in a corner of paradise near Woodstock NY. Blood, sweat and love went into building a temple for music as well as the grounds to support it. The latest addition is Fudgie, the horse.