“Independence” a poem

Bright bombs bursting in air Oohs and aahs with no safety care basking in the rocket's red glare to dream of our freedom we boldly dare. The daylight hours have expired but look around, the babies aren't tired County fair, city and town watch the sparks drifting down. Palisade, park and town hall stairs filled … Continue reading “Independence” a poem

“Courage to Create” a poem

Courage to break the silence,  To contribute to the universal vibration  Does not come easy.  When every note  is played for gods and angels,  And spaces between notes  Are whole universes,  The audacity to stand naked  In that hallowed company  Is nothing short of revolution.  Finding inner calm in that space,  We twist threads to … Continue reading “Courage to Create” a poem

“Surprise” a poem

Look into the dark places Beaconing the shadows Imbibe the way they scatter Botany of illusion As leaves before the wind All that is real is light Fearsome demons befriended Fears casually maligned As hoar frost delights From a warm cozy chair

“Attitude of Watchfulness” a poem

Wait Waiting If I must wait Still I don’t like waiting What can one do when forced to wait Try patience when one is waiting Trying patience to wait Really waiting Just wait Wait Breathe Breathing I always breathe I don’t notice breathing Life is often unseen, like breathe Much goes on while one is … Continue reading “Attitude of Watchfulness” a poem

“Cry Yes” a poem

How I long to embrace that perfect smile, press dewy dreams to rosy petals, fragrant labellum sheltering heavenly thoughts Privileged discretions soothe and inspire, entwined digits clinching forever, consumed by the blissful vision Sensual polyphony, uncharted organ music, let them sing spiritual entropy, broken chains (mind+body+soul) x duality=Us Shall we hold court? Shall we silly … Continue reading “Cry Yes” a poem

“Two Streams” a poem

Daydreaming dreaming of the way  Two streams join their wet winding     and wander to the sea in cohesion Subtleties of shade and temperature  mixing and blending, form and content   carving its own place in earth Sideglances and back-pedalling  last scarcely seconds, as the torrent    falls and rolls to the sea In each drop and … Continue reading “Two Streams” a poem

“Mindshift” a poem

 Mindshift      Mindgame          mindwalk  Iamforyou    youareforme                               nevermismatchedeverlastlovelong                   Long  Long are the nights without you  long are the roads traveled without you  and long are the winds that carry        the scent of your hair    Shall we dance      Shall we hold hands          Shall we free our demons and watch them             wiggle in the night  Meet … Continue reading “Mindshift” a poem

“Commensalism” a poem

Generous Fortuna caused us to meet Two long distance runners on cobbled streets Cartwheels and skips without concern While the flatfoots still struggle to learn It may seem, at times, we are matched to run heats but with you or I one shouldn't compete symbiotic, parasitic and mutual ism's can't compare to polar-shifting commensalism

“When the World Was Young” a poem

When the world was young, easy to see God's handiwork done; Creation ongoing in every blossom and bloom, Even Winter's darkness held naught of our doom; Dervish whirling, phantasmagorical in hue, everything natal, spring-fresh and new; The feeling of wonder and erotic joy, captured in every rainbow, flower and toy; Vibrating, pulsing in psychedelic repose, … Continue reading “When the World Was Young” a poem

“Selina” a poem

Selina teases from behind her verdant gauze, a blushing sylvan mounting the hypaethral stage. Assiduous votaries occlude all other thoughts, filled with exuberance in their obeisance. Stepping lightly from behind her translucent blind, a refulgent sigil to which no sobriquet is worthy, sheds her panoply and rises to the heavens, while renascent voyeurs, awe-struck, stare. … Continue reading “Selina” a poem

“When Was Peace-time?” a poem

Was there day a minute a second which passed without bloodshed Certainly not a decade a lifetime or century passed without unthinkable acts I have heard of peace-time, but when was it? After the war to end all wars? Some lives have known peace, but not so our creations Has a minute has passed without … Continue reading “When Was Peace-time?” a poem

“The Artist’s Face” a poem

Detritus of heaven stormed by shocktroops of the muses, the brave souls tempted to the fray by the promise of cerebral booty corralled and swept by brush and pen. Heaped treasures from the sky collected and securely fixed to illustrious page and canvas. Fearing not the critic's rage, they coax evolution of the grace that … Continue reading “The Artist’s Face” a poem