“Independence” a poem

Bright bombs bursting in air Oohs and aahs with no safety care basking in the rocket's red glare to dream of our freedom we boldly dare. The daylight hours have expired but look around, the babies aren't tired County fair, city and town watch the sparks drifting down. Palisade, park and town hall stairs filled … Continue reading “Independence” a poem

“Note to Self” a poem

In the midst of Winter's dance against a blackened sky the winds will chant with no clouds to break its maddening rant the gods will come to join you If you try to move, you'll find you can't as heaven will its glory plant placing you deep in a trance you'll turn to see yourself … Continue reading “Note to Self” a poem

“When the World Was Young” a poem

When the world was young, easy to see God's handiwork done; Creation ongoing in every blossom and bloom, Even Winter's darkness held naught of our doom; Dervish whirling, phantasmagorical in hue, everything natal, spring-fresh and new; The feeling of wonder and erotic joy, captured in every rainbow, flower and toy; Vibrating, pulsing in psychedelic repose, … Continue reading “When the World Was Young” a poem

“Selina” a poem

Selina teases from behind her verdant gauze, a blushing sylvan mounting the hypaethral stage. Assiduous votaries occlude all other thoughts, filled with exuberance in their obeisance. Stepping lightly from behind her translucent blind, a refulgent sigil to which no sobriquet is worthy, sheds her panoply and rises to the heavens, while renascent voyeurs, awe-struck, stare. … Continue reading “Selina” a poem

“When Was Peace-time?” a poem

Was there day a minute a second which passed without bloodshed Certainly not a decade a lifetime or century passed without unthinkable acts I have heard of peace-time, but when was it? After the war to end all wars? Some lives have known peace, but not so our creations Has a minute has passed without … Continue reading “When Was Peace-time?” a poem