“When the World Was Young” a poem

When the world was young, easy to see God's handiwork done; Creation ongoing in every blossom and bloom, Even Winter's darkness held naught of our doom; Dervish whirling, phantasmagorical in hue, everything natal, spring-fresh and new; The feeling of wonder and erotic joy, captured in every rainbow, flower and toy; Vibrating, pulsing in psychedelic repose, … Continue reading “When the World Was Young” a poem

“Selina” a poem

Selina teases from behind her verdant gauze, a blushing sylvan mounting the hypaethral stage. Assiduous votaries occlude all other thoughts, filled with exuberance in their obeisance. Stepping lightly from behind her translucent blind, a refulgent sigil to which no sobriquet is worthy, sheds her panoply and rises to the heavens, while renascent voyeurs, awe-struck, stare. … Continue reading “Selina” a poem

“When Was Peace-time?” a poem

Was there day a minute a second which passed without bloodshed Certainly not a decade a lifetime or century passed without unthinkable acts I have heard of peace-time, but when was it? After the war to end all wars? Some lives have known peace, but not so our creations Has a minute has passed without … Continue reading “When Was Peace-time?” a poem