“The Wolf” a short story

“The Wolf” by Sean Boyd It had and hadn’t been a nice day.  The May weather had shown all its glory and treachery in an on-again-off-again display of a month’s worth of meteorological changes in one dawn to dusk expanse.  It was as if the sun, in a bout of shyness, was playing infantile peek-a-boo … Continue reading “The Wolf” a short story

“The Twins” a short story

“The Twins” by Sean Boyd In the old town of Urgra there were only a few families left.  The dust from the great volcano had precipitated to the ground which allowed the sun’s rays to reach the earth with greater intensity.  The increase in ultra-violet radiation (they called it Rahaik, meaning sun poison) affected their … Continue reading “The Twins” a short story

“Pyramids” a short story

“Pyramids” by Sean Boyd It was an experience that must be like seeing a U.F.O.  I have never witnessed a U.F.O., but I know some very rational people who have and the experience challenges their understanding of the world considerably.  Any happening that presents feelings, visions, or knowledge not shared in the mind-stream of mass … Continue reading “Pyramids” a short story

“The Clock” a short story

“The Clock” by Sean Boyd It was one of the great family heirlooms.  Like the jewelry, the grand piano, and all the other objects, the great grandfather clock had climbed the family tree. Occasionally there would be a generation skipped, or the trove of antiquities would spread among the many branches, and sometimes the treasures … Continue reading “The Clock” a short story

“The Ananaki” a short story

“The Ananaki” by Sean Boyd John Lookheart was a private detective of little consequence in the small upstate town of Ithaca, NY.  There isn’t a lot of intrigue in Ithaca, and John had carved out a niche for himself doing investigations in worker’s compensation cases.  The largest employers in town were Cornell University and Ithaca … Continue reading “The Ananaki” a short story

“The Word” a short story

“The Word” by Sean Boyd “Statistical Probability in the Global Transmigration of Genetic Information.”  It was a weighty thesis, but the calculations would be possible on the supercomputer he had access to as a UCLA student.  Exekial chose this topic as a substitute for his original doctoral thesis.  His field of study was theoretical math … Continue reading “The Word” a short story

“Teddy’s Tomb” a short story

“Teddy’s Tomb” by Sean Boyd I don’t know where the memory came from.  I hadn’t thought about that time or place in years.  All of the years since had served to obfuscate those thoughts.  How had they resurfaced after all this time?  I had moved on; lived in a different place; adopted a world-view that … Continue reading “Teddy’s Tomb” a short story

“Montana” a short story

“Montana” by Sean Boyd I had always been close to my Grandfather.  It was an unspoken closeness as showing or discussing emotions is not a trait of the men in my father’s family.  I liken them to sugar maple trees; always grounded, strong, and predictable.  They supply for themselves and others many of the basic … Continue reading “Montana” a short story

“Another Haunted House” a short story

“Another Haunted House” by Sean Boyd The sun was hidden behind malignant clouds as darkness descended on the yard.  You could smell the approaching wrath and the air was electric from the impending storm.  For those few minutes before the wind attacked the world was silent.  The trees and the old house braced themselves for … Continue reading “Another Haunted House” a short story